Ceremony of planting 'Kap' (auspicious post)

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After accomplishing preliminary organizational matters, the initial item of importance is the planting 'kap' at the auspicious time computed by Nakthrala. 'Kapa' means post or dedication. It is to customary to lay a foundation stone or post whereever an important work is launched. The main objective of planting a 'Kapas' in the Maha Devala's on traditional rites and rituals symbolize the protection of the personnel involved in the perahara activities from any obstruction or unseen hazards, by gaining the blessings of the Devas of the 4 Maha Devalays’s. Because of its importance a series of rites and rituals have accumulated.

The performance of all these rite and rituals is done in the 4 maha devalas. These are not rite connected with Dalada Maligawa. The intial work of this ceremony and the handing over of the 4 kapas are etrusted at the initial stage to the Aluthnuwara Upulwan Maha Devalaya. After the construction of Vishnu Devalaya in Kandy witin the Maligawa Complex this responsibility felon it. Selection of a branch of panasa or Jak tree which has grown facing eats is the first step. It is specially prepared for a ‘Kapa’. It should be a plant which does not bear fruit and should be 3 spans (27”) in size, It should be immature male plant. 

Having selected the plant the chief 'kapuwa' (Officiating layman in the Vishnu Devalaya)

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