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Wifi Service

The National Mobile Service Provider, Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel has embarked on a new initiative to provide free WI-FI service to Sri Dalada Maligawa , Offering an informative online guide to tourists who visit the historic temple. The New WI-FI service will facilitate inbound tourists who visit the temple to access the internet, and will also enable them to use an interactive voice guide which would direct them through each part of the temple. This voice guide will be available in multiple languages, in order to cater to tourists from a variety of nationalities.

The voice guide will provide insightful information and visual imagery on the Sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic. The interactive voice guide, available via WI-FI is expected to attract the interest of hundred of inbound tourists that visit the temple each year. The WI-FI service can be accessed at the Temple once a ticket is purchased, and can enjoyed till the end of the visit. The new facility will provide convenience to tourists and will create awareness on the significance of the Sacred Temple


Sanitary Facilities 

It was a grade draw back in not having sufficient sanitary facilities within the Maligawa precincts for both local and foreign visitor. Even for the foreign tourists sanitary facilities were not available.

On a request made by the Maligawa administration the ministry of tourism provided the finance necessary to establish higher standard sanitary facilities for foreign guests and the sanitary facilities made available for local devotees too were improved.

Further, the Central authority to provided funds to establish a set of sanitary facilities. The set of sanitary facilities that came under the Municipal Council too were develop and allowed for the use of the Maligawa devotees. Additionally, as an alternative for disposal of waste water of Maligawa another waste water disposal unit was activated with funds from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and Peradeniya University.



Support movement

There happen to be a grade draw back in not having suitable movement supports for handicapped and elderly devotees. As a result, making offering and worshipping the Secret Tooth Relic became a big day dream for them during the full life span. To overcome this predicament, at the persuasion of DiyawadanaNilame and electrically operated lift has been installed for theelderly  andhandicapped people to go up to the higher level floor and worship the sacred Tooth Relic with ease. Besides this, and electrically operated vehicle and required number of wheel chairs have been provided to them. These facilities could be enjoyed on request made to the security officers or the officers of the administration.

Quite famous attorney at law in Kandy MR Nanda Senanayake and his family members had born the cost of installing the electric lift .Finco Group of Companies had made the contribution to provide 02 Nos. Electric vehicles while the Ministry of telecommunication and information technology has provided the funds necessary for 01 No. electric car and donated to Sri DaladaMaligawa .

Damma Deepa Council

With the advice guidance and blessing of the MahanayakeTheros of the Malwaththa and Asgiriya chapters of the Siyam Seat Mahanayakethero of Ramagha Seat and mahanayakethero of Amarapura seat with complete agreement , DiyawadanaNilame, Sri DaladaMaaligawa , organized the DhammaDeepa Sabha in the tear 2013 to face any challenges and also with the objective of extending yeoman services to the society even to date, many organizational activities have been con launched in many distric to keep the society aware of the future objectives of the Dhammadeepa Sabha.

Dalada Waruna

The Buddhist publication issued monthly by Sri Dalada Maligawa on Every poya day since January 2006 is “Dalada Waruna”. This paper contains day to day valuable incidents special news at Sri Dalada Maligawa & Important Buddhist educational articles.

And monthly around 35,000 copies of this paper is printed & Issue free to the Dhampasal, Temples & other Institutes in all over the Island. And this paper gets good feedback from readers often. 

Also we have provide this paper as an E-paper so anyone all over the world can read it by visiting the official web site of Sri Dalada Maligawa.And we hope lack of Buddhist publications among the society will fulfill by this publication.


Improvement of facilities at the Rest rooms for pilgrims  

Administration of the rest room, meant for those pilgrims who come in large numbers daily for alms giving is explicitly done so as to provide the required facilities and to make the devotees comfortable.

In order to keep the rest room clean and eye catching it has been given a face lift in painting, provision of a good water supply, electricity and also in provision of standard wash rooms, necessary equipments for cooking and relaxation etc.

As the income generation of this Rest room has now increased it is expected to further develop the rest room. 

"Ape Sathkara" Program

Social Service Extended by Sri Dalada Maligawa

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