New Rice Collecting Ceremony 2017 2nd day (05.01.2017) was Held Today

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The New Rice Collecting Procession of Dalada Maligawa and Four Maha Devalayas Returns from the venue of distribution, turned to Gangaramaya Viharaya at Boowalikada, spent the night there and proceeds on the morining in a new procession which comprised of elephants,tuskers,flags,drums, large drums (Bera Davul), double drums (thammattma).trumpets (horana) and the team of singers of eulogistic verse (Kavikara Maduwa) and finaly enters the Dalada Maligawa. Later the new rice so brought would br placed in the inner compound near the Hewisi Mandapaya (drummer's dais) with crushing of a coconut, beating of drums and reciting of eulogistic verses in praise of virtues of Sacred Tooth Relic.