Binara Pasalosvaka Poya Day

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Binara Pasalosvaka Poya occupies a significant place in the history of Buddha Sasana. It is on this Poya day, Bhikkhuni Sasana was founded.

The Vinaya Pitaka and Anguttara Nikaya give the following account on setting up the monastic order for women thus: At one time the Buddha was in Kapilavatthu and his step-mother, Maha-Pajapati Gotami asked permission to go forth into the homeless life.

The Buddha refused, saying, “No, Gotami, do not wish for women to enter homeless life in this doctrine and discipline that has been taught by the Tathagata. Maha-Pajapati Gotami made the same request on two other occasions, but the Buddha gave a negative answer each time, and Maha-Pajapati Gotami was very disappointed.

At the end of their journey, they gathered together weeping outside the gate of the place where the Buddha was residing. Seeing Maha-Pajapati Gotami and her group, Ayasmanta Ananda made a new request on their behalf. This time, the Buddha gave permission to Maha-Pajapati Gotami to enter the homeless life ‘in this doctrine and discipline’ on condition that she would accept the Eight Great Conditions.

The other significance of this Poya is that it falls during the Vas retreat season of bhikkhus.

The bhikkhus who are in Vas retreat in temples get engaged in acts of guiding the Upasakas and Upasikas in Dhamma path byways of Dhamma sermons, and advising and helping them in religious rituals such as Bodhi Poojas, in gratitude who look after the bhikkhus in providing them with the four essentials in the life of a bhikkhu namely: Ceevara, pindapatha, senasana, gilanopastana (robes, alms, shelter, and medical care).(ST)


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