Kandy City

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  • Posted on: 19 January 2014
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Beautifully situated in the valley of the Hantana and Bahirawakanda mountain range, Kandy city is a master piece of scenic beauty it still has its majestic appearance of being the last capital of Sri Lanka. The ruins of the Kings palace are still one of its prestigious land marks of the cities ancient history. Opposite the palace is situated the tropical sanctuary of Udawattekelle. with its rich fauna and flora. As you enter the city passing the Peradeniya Bridge you come to the entrance of the Peradeniya Botanical gardens. This is the unbeatable place for orchids high bread and wild, indigenous plants, shrubs and endemic flora. It's lay out attracts many national and international visitors daily. Flowing through the city is the longest river in Sri Lanka and Kiri Muhuda (Lake of Kandy) adds to its scenic beauty.
At an elevation of 488 meters above the sea level this city was known as Sri Senkanda Shailabidhana Sri Wardanapura ( Senkadagala) in the past, till it became Kandy later on. Ideally placed in the central hills of Sri Lanka Kandy has a salubrious climate to add to its scenic beauty and atmosphere. Though it is only a 119KM away from the main capital Colombo Kandy is rich with its own agricultural sector being blessed with sufficient water and natural conservation.
The history of Kandy dates back to the 14th century the period of King Wickramabahu the 3rd. Its establishment as a prosperous kingdom has come later in the 16th century during the time of Wimaladharmasuriya the 1st. However the end came to to this capital during the time of the last king of Sri Lanka Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe in the 19th century. Kandy has been declared as a world heritage city. Its recognition as a sacred city with the Sri Dalada Maligawa and the two Maha Viharas of the Syamopali Maha Nikaya Malwatte and Asgiriya along with the four devales (temples) of gods Natha, Vishnu ,Skanda and the goddesss of purity Pathini and the ruins of the royal palace has contributed mainly to this cause. Also in the suburbs of Kandy are the ancient temples of Lankatilleke, Gadaladeniya, Gedige, Gangaramaya, Suduhumpola, Degaldoruwa, and Kundasale. All the temples and monuments are fine exhibits of Kandian architecture, with finest works of art, carvings and traditionally maintained forms of cultural dance forms. All these have come together in placing this city as a world heritage. jordan shoes for sale outlet sneakers